Website. Email. Social Media. SEO. Fundraising. Brand Identity.


Knowing when, where, and how to distribute your videos and multimedia content is key to engaging your audience effectively. Whether it's email marketing, social media outreach, or content creation for ongoing customer engagement, Chasnoff Media has the expertise to help you meet your strategic marketing goals.

We are results driven. We will help you set your goals, define your key performance indicators, and drive the highest number of conversions at the lowest possible cost.



Have an idea or concept but don’t know how or where to start? Chasnoff Media can help you take the next steps toward making your vision come to life. Our Production Package features top-to-bottom creative services from concept development to final cut.



Pre-production includes the work required before production begins. This phase will include an in-depth discovery session where we examine your goals, criteria for success, evaluate your competition, define your target market, and craft your messaging. Once we’ve gathered these key pieces of information, we write the script, create the storyboards and shot lists, schedule interviews, organize media outlets, scout locations, and prepare everything to ensure that your project is a success.




In the production phase we head into the field to compile the various elements necessary to create your final project. We shoot primary and secondary (b-roll) footage on location and/or in the studio, conduct on-camera interviews, and capture sound.     




Post-production is where your film comes to life and ideas become reality. During the post-production phase we focus on: crafting your story, creating design and branding elements, building title sequences, creating animations, integrating effects, mixing the audio and music, and producing the perfect video that will surpass your expectations. Throughout this process we send you rough cuts of the video so that you can lend your feedback and share your thoughts. The project is never complete until you are 100% satisfied.