Video Editing

Every story comes together in the editing room. Depending on the editing and the editor, a single script can be told a dozen different ways. Our video editing services include:

  • Animation
  • Color correction
  • Producing content from beginning to end. See our Production Package for more details.
  • Touching-up or re-editing an existing project
  • Creating new videos using raw footage shot by our clients
  • Optimizing videos for online distribution via web, email, and social media
  • Titling

We use powerful tools to edit our projects such as Final Cut 7, After Affects, Logic, Photoshop, and a host of other professional software and applications depending on the requirements.

Throughout the editing process, we communicate with you to gather your feedback and thoughts. A project is never complete until you are 100% satisfied. Our goal is to surpass your expectations and provide extraordinary customer service.