Approaching video production and distribution from a business perspective

Helping clients think more strategically about how they can leverage video and multimedia to drive revenue, create growth, and formulate a sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace.



What are your company’s core competencies? What does your company do better than any of its competitors? What value does your company bring to the consumer? Where are the gaps in the marketplace that your company can fill?

Chasnoff Media helps clients think more strategically about what they need to communicate to their audience and how to do it best. We start with an analysis and end with action plans. We then integrate these newfound insights into clients’ video production and marketing strategy.


Finding your company’s voice isn’t easy. Translating that voice into visual design elements, video, and multimedia can be even harder. Chasnoff Media helps clients define their own unique style, identity, and guidelines to ensure consistency across all of their channels. We link brand strategy to corporate strategy, creating a seamless link for success.




Generating new and powerful ideas that will grow your business takes time a focus. Chasnoff Media helps clients navigate the maze of creating and sifting through new ideas to find the most powerful ones that will help their businesses grow.

Our ideation methodology guides clients through strategy and brand exercises that culminate in the formulation of ideas that will drive revenue and shape strategic thinking on all levels of the company.